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Roichi Hashiba _Delicacies plate



<陶芸家紹介> 羽柴 良一(はしば りょういち) 1934年岐阜県土岐市生まれ。陶磁器デザイナー日根野作造氏に師事。常滑、京都各地にて陶技を磨いた後1956年土岐市駄知町に「東原窯」を開窯する。 辰砂、梅木皮(かいらぎ)、黄瀬戸、織部、志野、櫛目など一流の陶技で日用品から大型の壺など様々なすぐれた作品を生み出す。 たくさんの個展を開き、様々な賞を受けたが高齢のため2008年に東原窯を惜しまれながら閉鎖する。1点、1点すべて手作りの作品は未だ数多くストックされており、当社よりデイリーに使いこなせる食器類、インテリアにスパイスを加える花瓶や飾りなどを新たな視点から紹介しております。 Ryoichi Hashiba was born in 1934. He is a Japanese pottery artist who started his Porcelain factory in 1959. He leaned pottery in Tokoname and Kyoto as a follower of Sakuzo Hineno who accomplished great achievement for Japanese pottery design. His outstanding techniques are expressed as “ Kushime (comb)” “Oribe(glaze)” “Shinsya (Cinnabar glaze)”and “ Kairagi (unique crack pattern on surface). His unique and enormous technique are recognized and found as dynamic usage of Cinnabar glazed large dishes and large flower vases with beautiful comb-scratch. In 1965,the emperor at that time loved his works and bought one large vase with beautiful comb-scratch. He produced many heart-warming daily use dishes and cups, but also many unique and beautiful vases and ornament you have never seen before. His Porcelain factory has been closed in 2008 but a lot of his artworks are stocked and still waiting to be exposed. Yourmarks Inc. provides and introduces his excellent “one and only” collection for many pottery lovers in all over the world. <Design/Method> Mino yaki (美濃焼) Kairagi (梅皮木) (unique crack pattern on surface ) made in Japan <size> Large 9cm Medium 8cm Small 6.5 cm Because of totally handmade, each one has a unique detail. Do not use dishwasher. すべて手作りのため固体ごとに形状が多少異なります。 食洗機は使用しないでください。 <International shipment> Please contact " [email protected] ".